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PurplePress is the leading WordPress development and support agency in the United States, offering unlimited support packages, custom development, and more.


The web design industry has become extremely saturated, with countless freelancers, drag-and-drop builders, and high-priced marketing firms. Consumers have lost any sense of what should be a fair price to pay for the kind of services they need. Too often, consumers have to choose between going it alone, or paying far too much.

PurplePress has taken an entirely different approach to web development. At our core, we believe that websites should be closer to a service, rather than a product for consumers to purchase and walk out of the store with. Businesses, organizations, and markets are constantly changing, and websites need to change right along side. That’s where PurplePress steps in.

We have created streamlined plans that allow our customers to extend their teams with highly skilled web developers who are on call 24/7. We stand by to make any kind of content updates or website changes our customers need, including brand new additions. Not only that, but we proactively handle the daunting task of WordPress management, which includes plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress core updates, virus protection, malware scanning and removal, and more.

While our core offerings cover most everything a website would need, there are times where customers need us to tackle larger projects, like brand new websites, complete redesigns, custom programming, or something else. Our customers can leverage our vast team and experience on an as-needed, à la carte basis, so they never have to go looking for an outside developer who doesn’t understand their website or business.

We partner with multiple agencies and WordPress theme developers to offer these services to their clients post-project or post-sale.

Since 2007, we have supported thousands of websites, with a current portfolio of over 6,000 and growing. We are a 100% remote company with over 50 employees globally.

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