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Brand new websites or big redesigns

The great thing is, our plans can definitely help with this. If you need a more hands-on approach to website development, though, you may want to consider working with a project manager from PurplePress. We can work with you to take your vision to the web and oversee the entire process.

Contact us to speak with a project manager and find out what options are best for you.

Migrating a website for ongoing support

All you need is your URL, and an admin username and password that we can borrow. From there, we’ll get the website moved over to our servers and provide you with the instructions on how to make that version the live version.

Website migrations

If you are migrating an existing website to our servers, you will be providing admin credentials to your WordPress website so we can complete the migration. This process usually is completed within 1-2 business days. Once complete, you will receive an email notification containing a temporary URL to the website for your review, as well as login instructions. You will also receive instructions on how to update your domain’s DNS records in order to make the website version on our servers the live version. We can assist with the DNS updates if necessary.

New websites

If you are starting a new website, we will create the new WordPress instance and provide you with a temporary URL and login instructions. This setup usually takes 1-2 business days. Once you are ready to bring the website live on a permanent domain, we will provide you with instructions on how to update your domain’s DNS records. We can assist with the DNS updates if necessary.

Already working with a project manager from PurplePress?

Your project manager will be notified when you create a PurplePress account (so long as you sign up using the same email address that you have used in your correspondence with them). They will be working with you directly throughout the process and will stay in constant communication.

Already working with a project manager from PurplePress?

If so, great! You have come to the right place to get started. They have probably explained everything, but just to recap, you will still sign up for a PurplePress account here, and whatever custom work you need simply will be invoiced separately. If you still have questions, just reach back out to your dedicated project manager.

Haven’t talked with us about it yet?

No problem; we’re excited to hear all about it. You would still need a PurplePress account to use any of our custom services, so feel free to sign up for one now for free, or go ahead and chat with us beforehand if you have questions.

Not sure what you’ll need in the future?

Who really is? With a PurplePress account, no matter what you run into down the road, you have an entire team of diverse talent standing by to help out. We’ve got you covered!

You have the option of paying for your plan with monthly payments or annual payments. If you choose to make an annual payment, you will receive the equivalent of two months free as a price reduction.

Your card on file will be charged automatically, based on the payment terms you select, until canceled. You may cancel at any time.

Our bike shop had no website, and thus no online presence. We relied on word of mouth, and really just on people walking by. PurplePress gave us a web presence that we’re really proud of now, and that has driven a lot of traffic our way!

Robert F, Brooklyn, NY

Our California Cake Pops are the best in town, but we wanted to start selling them around the country. PurplePress set us up with a website that allowed us to do just that. We were beyond pleased with their service and attention to detail. Worth every penny.

Jillian S, Sacramento, CA

We had a very outdated website, and were getting a lot of complaints about it. Customers could not book a room easily, or even see what we really had to offer. PurplePress did a complete redesign for us and it’s marvelous!

Emma L, Portland, OR

I was starting my own independent real estate brokerage, and I needed to stand out in a pretty saturated market. PurplePress took care of the website part of that for me. It was an easy and simple process, and the communication was really exceptional.

Jake V, Dallas, TX

I tried building my own website with one of those drag-and-drop builders and almost ripped out all my hair. PurplePress ended up being a lot less expensive because of the amount of time we saved, not to mention the quality wasn’t even comparable.

Brandon B, Milwaukee, WI

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